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The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group is a paid membership Support Group housed OFF of the Facebook platform and offers many benefits and perks that are not available to members of the FB groups. Here is a countdown of the TOP 10 reasons why you should join!

10. The AMAZING support offered by the four Support Coaches! It’s a much smaller group and your questions do not get lost in the sea of 40,000 other members. All information is accurate and protocol compliant. We follow you on your journey and help guide you as you progress through recovery. We answer all questions and take the time to understand your situation and help you make sense of what you are seeing! The Support Coaches are HIGHLY qualified and have helped thousands understand this protocol. This service is invaluable!

9. We have different FORUMS which allow you to view only the content you are interested in! The forums also keep the site organized which enables members to easily access the information they need when they need it.

8. FREE STUFF! We hold regular contests where people can win gift cards, supplements and other Protocol related swag!

7. We have amazing CHARTS for you to download that take the guesswork out of recovery! We have done the math on 12 different fish oils and at just a glance you can know what dose your child needs to be on!

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6. The RESPONSE TIME! No post-approval so no need to wait for answers! The Support Coaches are there with quick, accurate information when you need it! Unlike the FB groups, the VIP group is open all weekend to help you.

5. The PRIVACY! The VIP group is housed off of Facebook which allows you to have an anonymous profile. You no longer have to worry that what you share can be viewed by friends and family, nor do we have to worry that one day Facebook could just delete the group. We own it and we control the contents – not FB!

4. The FILES!! Our files are loaded with amazing content and members can access exclusive content! Get a sneak peek into my daughter’s daily protocol journals to see exactly what recovery looked like for us! They can access content from our IEP’s, and we also have files that give you the tools to approach your Dr. about prescribing Rifaximin!

3. We have Clubs! Join all the clubs you want! Connect with other parents of non-verbal kids, a weight loss club and my personal favourite – a Feeding Therapy club overseen by my daughter’s highly qualified feeding therapist! She is available to answer your feeding issues and she is exceptionally knowledgeable!

2. The DISCOUNT on supplements! You can shop with our affiliate link and save money when you buy your Protocol supplements! This membership pays for itself in savings! Existing members have saved double what they paid to join in just a few short months! Read some of the testimonials from VIP members!

1. WIN A SKYPE SESSION WITH DR. NEMECHEK! Yes that is correct! We have already awarded one lucky VIP member with the opportunity to Skype with Dr. Nemechek and the next chance to win is coming soon!!

If you want to take the guesswork out of recovery, win some prizes, save money and make friends for only $49/year then simply follow this link:

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