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Sweeeeet!! Thank you for doing this! Just saved some money on fish oil! Thank you thank you thank you. This membership will pay for itself in savings. LOL. – A.L
Your website is a dream come true- has everything a parent needs to track and be supported. – H.V

This group is better place to start Nemecheck protocol. It removes a lot of stress. P.M

I’d ask for advice (on FB) and receive some far out there responses and then others that made sense but opposite suggestions. I often felt more confused than when I first posted. I’m so glad to be a part of the group, I need to get my kiddos better! I feel like I’m headed in the right direction now. You guys are the best! S.S

Always such a relief to have this safe place to share. The VIP group is such an asset in this way. I wouldn’t share things so personal on the FB page. I am grateful for this space!! C.M

I love that the VIP group gives me so much more information than I would get on the Facebook Group. Thank you so much for putting this together. J.M

I love it. Here we get more responses from the admins so we know that the comments and advice are reliable. V.C

thank you so much for all of this. I’m going to bed feeling reassured. Xx J.P

Joining the VIP group was the support I needed to get through. Best money I ever spent! L.S

I adore how I’ve posted what I thought was a little success story and the Support Coaches have turned me into realizing that this is a big success story. Thank you to all, love how supportive this Group is. L.S

Thank you everyone. This group has proven already priceless for me and I’m only a newbie – A.M

I gotta say – I love this site. It is so much easier to find information. – S.M

I am so thankful that Amazon put the NP in my “customer also bought” book section. I was looking at Qigong massage techniques for ASD and ended up seeing 166 reviews. I found that odd for a book. 4.5 at best most times. Now I am in VIP heaven! – A.H

This group is a game changer! It’s so much more personalized to the members. – C.K

Thanks for the support! I don’t know if I would have had faith in the protocol this long without this group. – J

I’m so happy to be part of this group! – N.M

Thank you guys! I am really enjoying the interaction of this group more than the FB group. You are all “on it!” Money well spent. – J.L

I didn’t expect such a quick response! BTW I love that you have set up this website. I wanted to come off FB for a while I’ll finally delete my profile and stay here instead! – A.R

I am finding the Success Stories in the VIP group much easier to learn from than the Facebook group! When I first started reading the FB ones I was expecting an overnight miracle. I’m now understanding that this is a long-term protocol. – L

So good to know someone’s got my back. Joining this group was the best thing I ever did and the gains today have been A-mazing! L.S

There is so much information all over this group that I can’t get through all of it, but it is all so exciting! – C.D

I just recently discovered the NP, purchased the book and joined this group today! So excited and full of newfound hope!!! – R.D

Thank you again for your time and this awesome group! I am loving the weekly dose tracker!! – K.B

It’s so great to have this group and the support of fellow Nemechek families. – C.M

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