How to Get Approved!

TO GET APPROVED TO JOIN THE PARENT GROUP, you MUST answer ALL THREE questions. Your friend’s list, photo albums, or wall posts must be visible. We need to be able to see that you are not a spam account. Once you are approved, you may revert to your original privacy settings.

This is for the safety of our existing members due to the fact that as the group grows we attract people from hate groups, people who just want to promote their products and people who join groups like ours to harass and threaten parents who try to recover their kids.

The three questions that must be answered for before we approve your request to join:

  1. YOU MUST ANSWER ALL 3 QUES! Why are you interested in joining this group and using The Nemechek Protocol? Please give a detailed response.
  2. This Support Group is a solicitation-free zone. Do you understand that if you promote your product or service, or try to sell, that you will be banned from the group without warning?
  3. This group is solely dedicated to The Nemechek Protocol for recovery. We do not permit any off-topic conversation or the discussion of other Protocols. Do you agree to abide by our Group Guidelines?

Because we limit membership to parents of children with special needs or health issues, we must be able to determine you’re a parent – ideally from your publicly displayed Facebook information. If we see photos of children that have likes/comments from friends (we can generally view your profile photo, cover photos and any other public posts) and you have answered the 3 questions you will be admitted promptly.

If your public profile doesn’t show your child(ren), or you cannot access the three questions we can make an exception if you are willing to provide a photo of yourself with your child(ren) AND a picture of a photo ID showing your name (you may hide all other identifying info).

You may send photos/information to one of the admins of the group. Only the admins of our group will be able to see them. After we approve the pictures/information you submit, if you aren’t still pending, please apply (or reapply) to the group and answer the 3 interview questions.



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