If you are interested in using the Nemechek Protocol for recovery here are some valuable links to help you learn how to get started.

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Hands down the best resource to understand this protocol and how to get started is Dr Nemechek’s book: and it is available in 8 different languages and in both paperback and digital versions! English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian


There is also a simplified book to understanding Autonomic Dysfunction:

Dr. Nemechek has a YouTube Channel which houses many videos that address the most commonly addressed aspects of the Protocol. Many are subtitled into different languages!  New content is added regularly so make sure you subscribe to the channel!

Some important ones to watch are:

Recovery of ASD and Developmental Disorder with The Nemechek Protocol,
The Nemechek Protocol can help a Wide Variety of Childhood Issues,
The Awakening that Occurs in Autism with The Nemechek Protocol,
Modifying The Nemechek Protocol for Anxiety or Aggression
Managing the Plateau in Recovery
How Long do we Need to Stay on The Protocol?
How Long to Wait after Changing Doses
The Dangers of Being Impatient
What Causes Day to Day Fluctuations in Symptoms
The Difference Between Inulin and Rifaximin
Dr. N Discusses Relapse and Resilience
What’s Why’s and How’s of Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS)

Dr. Nemechek’s Website:

You can also purchase your protocol supplements directly from Dr. Nemechek’s website:

Please note that this website is not affiliated with Dr. Nemechek and receives no compensation for providing these links.  Any issues you have with items purchased are to be directed to Dr. Nemechek’s office.

Note: This website and the Support Groups discussed here are all independent of Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O. and are not affiliated with his medical office Nemechek Consultative Medicine or Nemechek Autonomic Medicine. Dr. Nemechek has never been a member of these groups and he has never monitored or approved of its content.





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