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HOURS: The Facebook Groups are closed on the weekends. We disable the ability to submit new posts from Friday 9pm EST – Monday 9am EST.  Members can still reply to existing comments, use the search feature and access all the files on weekends. Additionally you can join the VIP Support Group which is fully accessible on weekends.

NOTE:  The Facebook Groups are closed groups, meaning that only members can see the information shared within. All posts require approval from our volunteer admins and moderators. We thank you for your patience while we review pending posts and suggest that while you wait you utilize the search features on this page to search for past post or review our extensive files for the answer.

We also have two ways to search the group for information and we ask that members use them before posting. Members can either type keywords into the search bar or they can make use of our TOPIC TAGS. We have tagged information based on the most common topics and questions asked.




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