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Disclaimer: Please note that Dr. Nemechek is NOT affiliated with this group in any manner or context. By joining this group you acknowledge that the content contained here are for informational purposes only. Opinions and information shared by members or Admins and Mods are not to be construed as medical advice and do not in any way replace the advice of a medical professional. Use your own judgment regarding any supplement or therapy you choose for yourself or your child, or a person you are taking care of. No member or admin will be held accountable for any opinion or advice expressed by group members.

NOTE – Anyone who is serious about implementing The Nemechek Protocol is strongly encouraged to buy the book. It explains how the protocol works, how to implement it (all dosing information), how to recognize and manage relapse and how to navigate and troubleshoot common issues that arise. The FB groups will not approve posts that can be answered in the book!! 

To remain a member of the group you must either be implementing the protocol or here gathering information for the purpose of beginning. Please note that members are expected to use the existing resources (Dr. Nemechek’s book, his videos and the files contained here) to educate themselves about how to implement The Nemechek Protocol, as this group is a support group for people using the protocol for recovery, not a “getting started” group.   For those members who need additional support in understanding how to get started please consider joining the VIP group where experienced Support Coaches will help you with those details.

NOTE:  You are about to start a protocol that will kickstart brain recovery. The protocol is safe and effective but there can be some issues that arise when starting that are unpleasant (like constipation, irritability etc.) Please take the time to learn about these issues and how to implement the protocol properly to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering for your child.


Please consider joining The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group which is geared to helping people get started! The VIP group has enhanced files, amazing charts to download that help you understand how to get started, monitor your progress and help you stay on track, as well as access to qualified Support Coaches that will answer your questions with accurate protocol compliant information. There is a monthly “check your doses” posts where you can have a second set of eyes review your doses. We also host frequent contests and giveaways including the opportunities to win a Skype session with Dr. Nemechek! For more info about its many advantages click here

Membership is only $49 per year! Come join us over there for an enhanced experience, a more intimate group setting and 1-1 support to help you get recovery.  If you want to take the guesswork out of The Nemechek Protocol simply follow this link:

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NOTE:  All FACEBOOK  members are expected to read and AGREE to the Group Guidelines below prior to posting in the group. As well you are asked to review the Getting Started file, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) file and the Resource page to access helpful information before you get started

Facebook Group Guidelines

Please do not answer questions about The Nemechek Protocol if you have not read the books or if you have no experience with the Protocol. *Strict* adherence to The Nemechek Protocol is required within this group. We cannot provide advice and support to those who aren’t doing this protocol as it was outlined.

Sharing your experience, as it pertains to this protocol, is encouraged but in order to maintain consistency, all recommendations will be in accordance with those laid out by Dr. Patrick Nemechek; either in his books, blog posts/comments, his videos or in the files contained in the Facebook Groups.

For the most effective responses please include your child’s age, diagnosis and current doses in your post. This saves people from having to ask for the information. Posts that are vague or lack enough information to help you may not be approved.
STAY ON TOPIC. This group is for parents who are dedicated to using The Nemechek Protocol to get recovery for their children from Autism and/or other developmental disorders and themselves. Please respect the need to stay on topic. Any and all comments that are not protocol-compliant, suggestions of additional supplements like CBD oil, TRS, essential oils etc., and mention of other protocols (ACC etc.) will also be removed. We are also limiting the volume of posts about therapies (SSP, ILS, ABA etc.) to keep the focus on the key elements of the Protocol. Please note that this is being done to improve members ability to get the information that people are looking for when they join.

PERMISSION IS REQUIRED for all links to articles/videos/screenshots of websites, including those posted in comments. Questions about the suitability of a product, including links to the product ingredients, are allowed. Links to general articles and health posts are not permitted in the group. Support posts/memes may be taken down at our discretion. The format is to ask a question and receive answers. To request admin approval for a link, send a message to

NO VACCINES: We want to stay under the Facebook radar and not have our group closed now that they are cracking down on Vaccine-related content. Vaccine-related content is allowed to be discussed in the VIP Support Group as we 100% control the site and it contents.

NO PROMOTION of other groups, products or services. We forbid advertising, soliciting and fundraising posts in the group. We do not also do not permit members to link to other FB groups or mention or promote other Nemechek FB groups that we are not affiliated with. No selling or giving away of products is permitted.

VAGAL NERVE STIMULATION (VNS) – Dr. Nemechek occasionally utilizes Vagal Nerve Stimulation to treat his patients. This is NOT a do-it-yourself medical procedure and should NOT be done without medical supervision from a certified practitioner! As a result posting links for where to purchase VNS machines or discussing settings used with the VNS will not be permitted.

RIFAXIMIN – Rifaximin is Dr. Nemechek’s preferred method for the treatment of SIBO in patients 18+. This drug is only obtainable by prescription from a licensed Doctor. We recognize that this drug can be expensive and that not all Physicians are willing to prescribe it but it is illegal to obtain it from a website that doesn’t require a prescription, therefore we cannot allow people to post links to any such website. All such posts will be deleted.

CODE OF CONDUCT – Anyone posting in this forum must abide by a certain code of conduct: No swearing, name-calling, or disrespectful comments will be tolerated.

RESPECT PRIVACY – This FB group is a closed private group and we do not allow members to share posts, pictures, videos from here elsewhere without obtaining written permission from the person who posted it. We also do not allow screenshots, images etc. from elsewhere.

DO NOT POST PICTURES WITH NUDITY, RASHES, LAB RESULTS or STOOL – No images of nude or scantily clad children or adults are permitted and will be deleted. Please do not post pictures of bloated tummies either. We do not diagnose medical issues so rashes and concerns about stool should be directed to your Doctor. We also ask all members to refrain from “diagnosing” other members.

NO FILE SHARING OF THE BOOK We also ask that members do not post images, graphics, excerpts from the book. Copyright laws prohibit us from allowing contents of the book to be posted.

BECOME ACTIVE – Post your successes and your struggles. This is a private group and we are all dealing with the same issues. Become a part of the community, make friends and lean on each other for support!

JOIN THE APPROPRIATE GROUP: There are two different Facebook groups for members to join.  We have a Parent Protocol Group for people who have a child on The Nemechek Protocol and we also have an Adult Protocol Group for all adults on the protocol. Please join and post in the appropriate groups

how to search with tags


We have two ways to search the group for information and we ask that members use them before posting. Members can either type keywords into the search bar or they can make use of our TOPIC TAGS. We have tagged information based on the most common topics and questions asked.


These Facebook Groups are closed to NEW comments on weekends. We close the groups each Friday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time and reopen it each Monday at 9am EST.  In our ongoing effort to keep all content on this page Protocol compliant, we also close posts after 24 hours. We may close posts earlier at our discretion, doing so protects members from having their post bombarded with inaccurate information (because we are unable to monitor the thousands of comments daily.) We are committed to running an understanding and compassionate group so we will not close posts until members have received a reasonable amount of supportive and accurate responses.

NOTE: We ask that members refrain from private messaging the group Admins with Protocol related questions. Posting in the group ensures that all members benefit from the information and we do not have time to respond privately to people. If you prefer privacy, need more 1-1 support than the Facebook Groups provide, or if you would like to post anonymously then you may prefer using The VIP Support Group for your questions.

Repeated violations of rules will lead to removal. Asking for re-entry is handled on a case by case basis. Severe violations of the rules may result in immediate removal and potentially being banned from re-entry.

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