Facebook Groups

Mission Statement

“The purpose and intent of The Nemechek Protocol Facebook Support Groups is to provide members with access to clear, accurate information about The Nemechek Protocol, while giving them the opportunity to connect with others who are on the Protocol in a safe environment that is respectful and supportive as they heal their children and/or themselves”

The Nemechek Protocol Autism and Developmental Disorders Support Group for Parents with kids on the Protocol.   This is an international support group for parents of kids under 18 years of age who are using the Protocol to get recovery.

Currently these are the other Support Groups on Facebook that we are affiliated with:

The Nemechek Protocol Autonomic Support Group for Adults.  This is a support group for adults (18+) who are using The Nemechek Protocol for recovery.

The Spanish Group

The Portuguese Group

The Philippines Group

The Polish Group

The Norway Group

The Hebrew Group

The Foodies Group

Stay tuned for additional groups!

Note: This website and the Support Groups discussed here are all independent of Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O. and are not affiliated with his medical office Nemechek Consultative Medicine or Nemechek Autonomic Medicine. Dr. Nemechek has never been a member of these groups and he has never monitored or approved of its content.


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